Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Chrome OS Pilot Program Announced

By James Whittaker

If you've heard me speak anytime over the past year you have heard me talk about Chrome OS and how we are testing it. Well, we're not done testing it but we are announcing a pilot where you, yes you, can get one of the initial sets of new hardware with Chrome OS pre-installed. The hardware is called Cr-48 (a chromium isotope, how nerdy is that?) and is available in very limited numbers.

How do you get one? Glad you asked. Go here and tell us why you are an ideal candidate to give it a test drive and provide us with feedback! It's that simple/hard and I would love to see some of these in the hands of the many hardcore testers who read this blog.


  1. James,

    The link takes to youtube chrome channel. I really want to test chrome OS.

    I am currently working as Software Engineer in QA at CDNetworks Inc.
    I have nearly 3 years experience in network QA and software engineering. My experience includes Ethernet, Security, Web, Content Delivery Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks, Database etc. I have very good experience in cloud testing for content acceleration and application acceleration. I am good at both black box and automation testing. I designed and implemented the automation strategy, which was significantly helping to improve the product quality, and shorten the development cycle. I have very strong automation and debugging skill. I'm good at Linux automation, and have used many open source tools. I established and managed automation test procedures based on ISO standards. I have the research capabilities to think up creative ideas to find the most efficient way to do testing tasks and improve the process. I hold an MS in Computer Science with a specialization in Networks.

    I am a big fan of google products. This opportunity for test driving Chrome OS will give more strength and knowledge to my skill sets.

  2. Cool - unfortunately you need to live in the US to test drive the Cr-48. So I'll wait.

  3. As far as I understand, the offer is for US-only residents?

  4. I already applied for that. If you tell more people then I will have a lower chance of getting one. Can you take this announcement back? ;-)

    Just kidding. I look forward to trying one of these systems whether I am part of the pilot or have to buy my own later.



  5. This post links to an youtube channel. This may be an issue because possible testers candidates can not found the right place to post something and apply for the Cr-48. ;)

    So, I'm here. A brazilian tester who uses a poor mobile internet connection, avid to see Chrome OS crashing under my hands.

  6. I clicked the link but don't see where to sign up to test! I would love to play w/this new OS!! I've seen some comments already and it looks super slick. I've always wanted to be a tester for a new product: playing w/a new "toy" is the best way to learn!

    Can you help me get hooked up (or at least see the sign up sheet!) Thanks!

  7. I actually just found the application!! Always works that way ya know: right after asking the teacher "where's that answer again? I can't seem to find it" you see it.

    Thanks again for the opportunity. :)

  8. James,

    Avid Google products fan that would love to tinker with fresh hardware. Mechanical Engineering undergrad @ Madison,Wi. Some of my interests include mechatronics, web design, yoga, and investing.

    I think I would provide a unique testing experience because of my engineering student status. I'm constantly moving from locations (powering off/hibernating and tossing the laptop in the backpack), connecting and disconnecting to/from wifi and or ethernet, transfering files from laptop to school networks, checking emails, writing projects (using Word, Google Docs, or OpenOffice), booting up on Unix stations, converting files, surfing the web, etc.

    The wide variety of daily activities would not only be great for surfacing bugs, but also testing the TRUE end-user experience. My goal would be to find a simple defect which a developer didn't image that totally ruins the user experience.

  9. Is there a list showing who made the cut and got one of these?

  10. I live in San Jose, California.
    Can I get to test now??
    Let me know if you need any other details.

  11. what are your success criteria from this pilot program? how would u measure and decide if the Chrome can be GA?

  12. Hi, i'm in Italy, if you decide to open your pilot in UE contact me.

    Best regards.


  13. I've been looking forward getting my hands on the Chrome OS since it was announced so I was really excited to hear about the pilot program. In addition to signing up immediately I was nice enough to inform two of my co-workers of the program. We're all IT Help Desk Analysts and we would have given the CR-48s a fair shake and provided honest feedback. None of us have been lucky enough so far to be selected for the program and we're all VERY disappointed to see mercenary individuals selling CR-48s on eBay. (not the words I'd LIKE to use) These people are in violation of the terms of the pilot program and at the very least Google should contact eBay and demand that the CR-48 listings be removed.


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