Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Keynote at QCon SFO

by Patrick Copeland

FYI...I'll be giving a keynote at QCon in SFO next week. Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case my be, the conference is sold out. But they will post a video of the talk following the conference. If you are interested here's the abstract and a pointer to their site (

There are many paths to innovation. At one extreme, we have large companies who create research labs, staff them with world-class Ph.Ds, and set them working for years to solve extremely complex technical problems. At the other extreme, we have the proverbial "two entrepreneurs in the garage" working on a shoe-string budget. Between these two extremes, we have all sorts of combinations of organizational structure, team size, budgets and time horizons.

History shows that world-changing innovation is possible through all of these paths. But history also shows that, as companies grow in size and reputation, they almost inevitably become more conservative and risk-averse when it comes to considering, and investing in, new ideas and disruptive technology – often with disastrous results.

He will describe how Google's core beliefs, culture, organization and infrastructure have successfully encouraged and enabled innovation throughout its growth. He will conclude by presenting and discussing a practical manifesto to stimulate and leverage innovation in any organization.

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