Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sign up to attend our Test Automation Conference

posted by Allen Hutchison, Engineering Manager

A few months ago we announced that we would be holding a Google Test Automation Conference in New York City on August 23-24. Today, I'm happy to tell you that we've finalized the speaker list and have opened the attendee registration process.

The conference is completely free; however, because we have room for only 150 people, everyone who wishes to attend must apply and be accepted. You can apply to attend via this link, and we'll let you know by June 15 if your application has been accepted.

At last year's conference, we found that the informal hallway discussions were tremendously valuable to everyone who came, and we would like to continue that custom. Therefore, the main point in the application process is to tell us how you can contribute to the conversation and what you would like to learn from the conference.

To get you started, here is what our speakers will be talking about:

  • Apple Chow and Santiago Etchebehere -- Building a flexible and extensible automation framework around Selenium
  • Ali-Akber Saifee -- muvee Framework for Autonomous Testing
  • Olivier Warin -- Spirent's WorkSuite Manager
  • Douglas Sellers -- CustomInk Domain Specific Language for automating an AJAX based application
  • Julian Harty -- Mobile Wireless Test Automation
  • Matt Heusser and Sean McMillan -- Examining Interaction-Based testing
  • Risto Kumpulainen -- Automated testing for F-Secure's Linux/UNIX Anti-Virus products
  • Sergio Pinon -- User Interface Functional Testing with AFTER (Automated Functional Testing Engine in Ruby)
  • Vivek Prahlad -- Functional Testing Swing applications with Frankenstein
  • Simon Stewart -- Web Driver
  • Adam Porter and Atif Memon -- Skoll distributed continuous quality assurance system
  • Cedric Beust -- TestNG
  • Hadar Ziv -- Specification-based Testing

We look forward to your application and to a great conference.


  1. Will there be any chance of publishing the conference slides publicly, so that people, unable to attend at the conference will at least be able to get an in depth impression on what has happened ?

  2. Yes, we intend to publish the slides and the videos of the presentations as we did for last year's conference.

  3. The application is supposed to be 400 words, however, the form claims 1500 characters is the limit, but actually truncates your entry after 1650.
    I think there must have been a problem communicating requirements here. :)
    It's remarkably illustrative of some of the biggest problems in managing functional tests, because I, the user, was told that the functionality would be 400 words, so I crafted a 400 word application (390-something).
    So the specifications as I have seen them don't match the product.
    However, the bigger issue in my mind is the difference between the allowed character input, and the claimed character input. Assuming the claimed amount of characters (1500) is correct, then the javascript verification misleads me, by truncating at 1650, which I would naturally assume was 1500. If it really is 1650, then that means there are two incorrect claims as to the allowed length on the page.
    On the whole, the behaviour seems nearly bizarre enough to make me suspect it was intentional, and that I am missing some bigger picture.

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  5. Are we supposed to get a confirmation email when we sign up or just wait until the fifteenth and hope the registration went through?

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  7. You should receive a confirmation email once you have registered.

    If you don't it could be a. stuck in spam filter b. maybe you mispelt email address... :)

    If neither of these then please register again.


  8. June 15th is finally here. =)

    I am wondering if we should have received anything other than the confirmation email?

    Has anyone, aside from the presenters, received an official invite?


  9. I haven't received any word either on whether or not my application was accepted. Will we get some notice if we didn't make the cut?

  10. Didn't receive anything here either, but my guess is they are perhaps a little behind schedule, given that Amy seemed to be soliciting more registrations on the 12th.

    Or maybe we are all losers. :)

  11. Everyone who applied for the conference should be getting an email this week to let them know if they were accepted or wait-listed.

  12. Allen Hutchison, Engineering Manager,
    I understand the limitation of space and that the deadline has passed for the GTAC in your New York office on August 23 and 24, 2007.
    I support the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) office for Surface Warfare (OPNAV N866 Captain Charles Neary), working to bring the benefits of open architecture (OA) business changes across the Navy. Bernie Gauf from IDT is attending and he is one of the people on the cutting edge of test automation we are working with as an small business innovative research (SBIR). He alerted our office to this event during a recent program review and I would appreciate the opportunity to listen and learn as we are vigorously seeking to apply automatic test/retest across many of our naval programs. The below article on our OA efforts attached below may also be of interest.
    I am asking for indulgence on timing for the opportunity to attend as a Navy representative at this meeting. Your consideration is most appreciated, and I look forward to your positive response.
    M.G. McCrave
    703-692-3288 (new)
    OPNAV N866, Pentagon, Rm 5B453

  13. I am really interested in attending the next year conference, is there a email list so that I can get notification once registration opens?

  14. Sure.


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