Monday, March 12, 2007

Developer-Tester/Tester-Developer Summit

Posted by Harry Robinson, Software Engineer in Test

The first-ever industry Developer-Tester/Tester-Developer Summit was held at the Mountain View Googleplex on Saturday, February 24th. Hosted by Elisabeth Hendrickson and Chris McMahon, the all-day workshop consisted of experience reports and lightning talks including:

  • Al Snow - Form Letter Generator Technique

  • Chris McMahon – Emulating User Actions in Random and Deterministic Modes

  • Dave Liebreich – Test Mozilla

  • David Martinez – Tk-Acceptance

  • Dave W. Smith – System Effects of Slow Tests

  • Harry RobinsonExploratory Automation

  • Jason Reid – Not Trusting Your Developers

  • Jeff Brown – MBUnit

  • Jeff Fry – Generating Methods on the Fly

  • Keith Ray – ckr_spec

  • Kurman Karabukaev – Whitebox testing using Watir

  • Mark Striebeck – How to Get Developers and Tester to Work Closer Together

  • Sergio Pinon – UI testing + Cruise Control

There were also brainstorming exercises and discussions on the benefits that DT/TDs can bring to organizations and the challenges they face. Several participants have blogged about the Summit. The discussions continue at

If you spend your days coding and testing, try this opening exercise from the Summit. Imagine that:

T – – – – – – – – – – D

is a spectrum that has "Tester" at one end and "Developer" at the other. Where would you put yourself, and why?


  1. Do you have recordings of these talks??? You should post a whole load of them on UTube

  2. The talks and discussions were excellent. But, given the size and nature of the workshop, we didn't tape any presentations. This is particularly unfortunate because we have no record of Chris McMahon accompanying himself on the ukelele during his lightning talk!

    If the presenters make the content of their talks available online at some point, we'll make sure it gets posted to the td-dt-discuss group.


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