Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Welcome to the Google Testing Blog

Posted by Allen Hutchison, Engineering Manager

I work in the Test Engineering team, and have always been passionate about sharing my test experiences with others. Last year we organized the first Google Test Automation Conference, where about 150 people from the testing community got together at our London office for two days to talk about testing. One of the great bits of feedback that we heard was that people were very interested in our experiences with testing at Google. We decided to start this blog to share our experiences with the rest of the developer community, and so that we can learn about some of your smart solutions to the same sorts of problems.

From unit testing to performance testing and beyond, the testing umbrella is vast, and hopefully this blog will be the start of a great conversation about these important issues. Whether you're already deeply immersed in the world of testing or just starting to get your feet wet, we hope that this blog will help spread our enthusiasm about testing and help you to write better code. We don't have all the answers, but we have gained a lot of experience and we are anxious to share it with you! So please keep reading, and do send us your comments.


  1. This is GREAT to see. I enjoyed the conference to no end, and learned a ton about how people outside my little .NET world approach 'useful' testing.

    And, finally, reading ahead a post, I can have the toilet testing experience back!

  2. Great to see google blogging about its testing :) Keep it up!

  3. First off, it's nice to see more Atom feeds out there. :)

    Second, there seems to be something wrong with the dates in your feed. I just added it to my Google Reader, and they're all marked as having been posted on January 24th.

  4. hi!
    there are many testing resource in the Internet
    it's a good idea about this testing glog!

    I've got a question: how can i subscribe to recive notifications about this blog? For example, after new post or new comment?

  5. Thank you for bringing a very important aspect of design to the forefront. Getting the Google side on new things that are available is a great thing.

    I look forward to new ideas being published.

  6. Do you happen to have stand alone image files for the "debugging sucks" and "testing rocks" images? They would make great magnets.

  7. Your videos of last year were just amazing. Especially the one of open source tools for performance testing :)

  8. Interesting Blog..:) Keep up the good work..:)


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